15 Of The Cutest Dogs In SLO County

Those eyes, the fur, and spunky personalities. We love our pets living the central coast lifestyle with us. Winery dogs, homebodies, hiking pals, and even best friends! We asked you all to send us pics of some of your fur babies and we wanted to share them! Here are all their cute faces for you to enjoy this Monday morning. We hope they brighten up this Monday morning for you the way do for their loving owners!

Banner the Doodle 📍 San Luis Obispo

Banner is an 8 month Golden Doodle and he loves long walks on the beach. You can find him walking through SLO with his wonderful family at his side.

Stella the Frenchie 📍 Pismo Beach

Count on Stella to swing into action! You can find this adorable little Frenchie posing for pics throughout SLO. Stella loves to travel through SLOCAL as much as we do, and we LOVE it!

Tobi the Bernese Mountain Dog 📍 Pismo Beach

This lil lady is all puppy eyes and cuddles! She loves hiking and going to the beach with her central coast family.

Leila & Chibi 📍 Avila Beach

Double the fun! These two doggie sisters were adopted and are inseparable. Both serve as therapy dogs but on their time off you can find them hiking through SLO County, enjoying time at a vineyard, taking in breathtaking mountain views, or relaxing oceanside.

Remmy the Mini Aussie 📍 San Luis Obispo

This little lady loooooves the water! If she’s not frolicking through flower fields she is likely at the beach playing fetch by the ocean.

Posie the Mini Sheepadoodle 📍 Avila Valley Barn

Posie is posing throughout San Luis Obispo County! You can find her at all the hottest spots to take photos, she is definitely a doggy influencer. Heck, she makes us want to get out there and enjoy SLO!

Ghost 📍 Morro Bay

Ghost loves being in his home in Atascadero napping but he loves to go to the ocean. His favorite spot is Morro Bay and Avila beach.

Yogi the Norwich Terrier 📍 Avila Beach

Who could miss out on adorable Yogi? Yogi is a big personality in a little package. Follow him on his Instagram journey through the central coast!

Kiwi the Bordercollie/Aussie/Kelpie Mix 📍 Atascadero

Kiwi is a puppy with BIG dreams. She just graduated from obedience school so make sure you go on her IG and show her some love! 10/10 would boop!

Lady Mae the Aussie 📍 San Luis Obispo

This little lady is a girl’s best friend! She loves her mommy, hiking, and you can find her sporting an adorable pink bandana! You can’t miss her so make sure to give her a, “hello” if you cross paths.

Honey 📍 Paso Robles

Honey is may be tiny but she knows how to party. You can find her in Paso Robles at a local winery or hanging with her owner at a local brewery.

Checkers & Valentina the Shih Tzus 📍 Atascadero

Two is better than one! These two little Shih Tzu’s can be found walking through their hometown of Atascadero. Their pack is inseparable so make sure you show some love to their possy.

Bustacation the Chihuahua 📍 San Luis Obispo

Don’t let this little Chihuahua fool you! Bustacation can climb to the highest of heights and enjoys traveling in style to the east coast and back.

Kaia the Golden Retriever 📍 Avila Valley

Kaia has no fear! She loves to surf, go on adventures to parts unknown, and hang on stage with her owner. Check out her Instagram for some amazing drone videos of her running through SLOCAL at full speed!

Drug Nug lol! 📍 Morro Bay

Get ready! This lil guy is ready for his next gangster rap video!

Did you love these pups as much as we did?
Thank you to everyone who submitted!
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