7 Ways To Enjoy The Atascadero Wine Festival

Atascadero Wine Festival is this weekend. There are over 40 wineries, 7 breweries featuring beer and cider, live music, vendors and food trucks!  This is one of the first events we attended when we moved to San Luis Obispo County. Good vibes, great people and fun times. Here are our tips on things to do before you go to the Atasacadero Wine Festival:

Get there early!

The 4 hours (5 hours if you go VIP) go by quickly and this is a great chance to get to know your local wineries, winemakers, brewers, and craftsman. Getting there early also lets you pick out a nice spot under a tree to setup a picnic and get a stage view. Get there early to secure your ideal spot. Bring those picnic blankets and chairs to mark your territory!

Bring a lawn chair

Relax and chill in comfort in your personal lawn chair. After 13++ wineries in with generous pours you’ll appreciate sitting down while listening to music. After a little break you can make your way to the 37++ remaining wineries or swing by one of the music stages to enjoy some dancing.

Prepare for the heat

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially after drinking wine. There is a water booth available for you to fill up your water bottle. It can get hot so this is a great way to keep cool. Also, don’t forget to bring sun block to protect yourself from the UV rays of the sun.

Bring a picnic!

There will be food trucks available but you are allowed to bring in outside food. Let’s face it, there are some foods we just HAVE to have when we drink wine. The above picture shows my favorite snacks. Feel free to bring cheese and snacks. There doesn’t look to be any charcuterie plates, cheese or pickled veggies for sale on site so bring your favorite or you’ll be missing out.

Dress comfortably

This isn’t an event where you need to wear your Sunday’s best. It’s a laid back great time. Wear a t-shirt, shorts or maybe a day dresses and sandals. You will be walking around, drinking, dancing and laying in the grass.

Bring your family

This a fun day to be with your entire family so bring the kids – fur baby included!  It’s FREE to bring your child! The venue has a lot open space with beautiful views of Atascadero Lake. At the center of the park there is a playground for the kids to enjoy. Also, the Charles Paddock Zoo is open and included with your admission. Relax and drink wine while you and the kids learn about the animals.

Bring a smile

Say hello! – We are all neighbors and enjoying the day together. Don’t be afraid to meet a stranger. You never know what friendships you’ll make. Are you shy? Join their photo contest! Details will be available at the festival. It’s the perfect excuse to say, “Hello”. Plus you’ll get a chance to win tickets to next year’s festival!

Don’t forget to drink responsibly! See you all at the festival!


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