Monday, January 25, 2021
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Home City Guide Contour Airlines | Flying from San Luis Obispo Airport to Las Vegas

Contour Airlines | Flying from San Luis Obispo Airport to Las Vegas


Did you know we have direct flights from San Luis Obispo Regional Airport (SBP) to Las Vegas? We didn’t! A friend told us about it a few weeks ago so we had to look into it. Contour Airlines released these new flights last summer and tickets start as low as $119, which seems like a pretty good deal and will save us from driving to San Jose or Santa Maria.

San Luis Obispo Regional Airport

Like all things SLO County, we heard it by word of mouth and wanted to share the info with all of you. This definitely piqued our interest because we’re always running away for weekend food adventures. We LOVE SLO…but AYCE Korean BBQ? Ramen? Dumplings? How could we resist? So, this weekend we went to Vegas to test the flights out for ourselves and to gorge on a ton of Asian food!

Mott 32 – Las Vegas


We parked at the airport parking lot with no issues, the cost of daily parking is $18 a day.  If you’re looking to save money it’s best to park close by and take an uber over. Pros of parking on-site is your car is right there and it’s very safe to leave your car overnight.


You can find the Contour counter as you enter the airport doors at a small kiosk to your right. San Luis Obispo Regional Airport might be tiny but that comes with a lot of benefits. Checking in and going through security was super smooth and took less than 5 minutes. It probably would have been even faster but Raymond forgot he had a wine key in his carry on bag…so check those TSA auctions and you’ll be able to buy it for like $3. Before our flight, we enjoyed the free wifi provided by the airport and found a number of work tables with outlets. We got to the airport a little early so we grabbed some desk space and did some work. If you are looking to relax they have an outdoor patio with lawn chairs you can enjoy.


Contour airlines starts at $119 each way and includes a free checked-in bag, drinks, and a snack on the plane. Their planes are limited to 30 seats which allows 36 inches (three whole feet) of legroom in every row. This is impressive as it’s the equivalent to first class on other airlines. Usually, Raymond’s knees are touching the seat in front of him, he had so much room on this flight he could cross his legs and stretch out. Rows consist of 3 chairs – two together and a single-window seat alone. The staff was very kind and informative and kept us updated on any changes. I loved the flight so much I booked our April Las Vegas Trip in advance.


If you’re like me and like saving money and time you are always looking for the best deals around.  The key is getting reservations early! I booked at least 3 months in advance to get the best deal possible.  

See my receipts for my upcoming April Vegas trip. Contour was $27 more than Allegiant and allowed me the opportunity to sleep in but to arrive back to SLO early enough to get my errands done. The $27 difference the perks of Contour was totally worth it. Other airlines charge more than that for a baggage fee and it’s free with Contour! 

Before booking your flight check the following:
Cost – Is it the best deal?
Time – How long is the drive plus air travel time
Convenience – Do you want to leave early in the morning? Afternoon? Late at night?

Please arrive in Las Vegas Airport earlier that you would SLO or SM, it’s a much larger airport than SLO so you will need to use the tram to travel to the Contour Terminal. So if you love to arrive last minute, save a few minutes to allot for tram travel. The Contour Vegas terminal is filled with more stores and restaurants than most other terminals I’ve seen so you’ll have no problem finding a bite to eat or a drink.

Before we flew out we asked everyone for their favorite local spots.

Overall we enjoyed our trip with Contour Airlines and we are thankful for a direct flight to Vegas from SLO! We would definitely recommend trying to score a great flight deal before booking. We live in Atascadero so the short drive to San Luis Obispo makes this a total win for us! 

CLICK HERE for the list. (opens in new tab)

Are any of you excited to travel directly from SLO to Vegas?
Comment below! ✈️

For those who are part of our Instagram family, you saw our trip to Las Vegas…Now it’s time for YOU to go! Check out our latest giveaway to learn how you can win two round trip tickets with Contour Airlines and $200 in CASH!!! See link below!


  1. SLO Transit also stops at the airport twice an hour. If you want an even cheaper option than a Ride Share App or the Airport Parking Lot, catch a bus from anywhere in the county and make the transfer downtown. If you live within walking distance of downtown it’s only a 20 minute ride to the airport. All that for $1.50.

  2. There is also ABCPark, which is across from the SLO airport for $5/day. Pretty easy to use, you just pre-pay the time you are going to be there. And it’s a short walk to the airport.


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