Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Enjoy SLO – Harvest Weekend Paso Robles


“I’m game. Are you?”

This weekend Raymond (@raymondirl), Hugo (@hm_imagery), and I geared up for Paso Robles Harvest weekend! It was super fun to hang out with everyone and we had a blast meeting new faces throughout north county! Here is a recap of our adventures!

Calwise Gin Blending Party

Get the party warmed up with a tasting of Calwise Big Sur Gin. Then it all starts off with a distillery tour by owner Aron Bergh. Once you understand the basics, the fun begins with gin blending! Everyone has the opportunity to create their own gin experience and to take home their own custom creation. You can manipulate the gin ratio of herbal and floral notes, you can even add smokiness if you like. As you can imagine, we took it seriously…but we went home with quite the experience and a yummy bottle of gin.

Top Winery

Top Winery is one of our favorite spots for a glass of wine. Elena & Stanley Barrios provide next level wines and hospitality to their guests. Plus their bottle labels are eye-catching with an amazing story. Their motto is fittingly, “Masters of Chance.” I highly recommend stopping by for a tasting and to hear this couple’s amazing wine journey to Paso Robles. Currently, they are above Nelle / Cordant Winery, but make sure you connect with TOP on Facebook or Instagram prior and they will tell you where they are currently pouring.

Wines of the West

There’s a new spot on 46 West on the corner of 46 West & Vineyard (Look for a red barn). There you’ll find Wines of The West which is hosts 5 wineries: Purple Cowboy, Clay House Wines, Gaze Wine Cocktails, Alloy Works, and If You See Kay. They also provide delicious eats made by Heirloom Catering who we are obsessed with. This is Heirloom’s first location and their second location Momotaro Ramen is set to open with the Paso Robles Market Walk. Address: 3750 CA-46 West, Templeton, CA 93465. Grand opening November 1st.

AronHill Vineyards

Stopped by for harvest dinner with AronHill to hang out with my family away from home. There was yummy food provided by their new Chef Karrie Hills. There was live music and of course lots of wine. I honestly was so full I was ready to go into food coma but Ray wanted to go to a bottle share…

Private Bottle Share

I think the picture speaks for itself. The best parties happen when everyone brings something good. I’m super glad we rallied! We met a lot of awesome people and had a laid back time with great music. Special thanks to Tyler, Lee, Jesse, Elena, Stanley, Travis and everyone for bringing cool bottles.


Halter Ranch

I got up late that day (obviously) but was very excited for the first Adelaida Local Market featuring members from the SLO County Farm Trail. It was held in their barn and the setting was so magical. I love events like these because they really share the heart and soul of where we live. Lots of amazing vendors there. I left with lots of goodies! Mostly food because…obviously I’m a foodie: desserts from Paper Cakes, cheese from Stepladder Creamery, and Whiskey sugar cubes from Yes Cocktail Co. (They are COOL. WATCH THIS)! After the event, I went to the tasting room for wine paired with fried rice (Thank you Kelly & Chef Paul). My guilty pleasure! During our tasting, my eye caught the sight of a small train in the distance. Apparently the train is brought out when the owner is scheduled to come. I, of course, wanted to ride the train but it was not in service.

After enjoying our time at Halter Ranch, we decided to call it a day. On the way down the hill, Hugo noticed someone was turning on the train!!! Talk about perfect timing! I asked the gentleman/conductor if I could please hop on. He was bewildered at first but let me hop on. I learned later the train conductor at the moment was Halter’s head winemaker, Kevin Sass. Dreams do come true!

Cheers to an amazing Harvest 2019! I am so thankful for all of you and everyone I’ve met along the way. This weekend I met Lisa from Epoch and Liz & Robin from AG Haven! Thank you Lisa for the wine tips, we will be visiting those spots soon and sharing all about it. Liz & Robin…I love your passion for where we live and hope to stop by your B&B. I’ve met a lot of you and each meeting is very special to me. Thank you for allowing us to be a little part of your day and for taking this crazy journey with us.

Lastly, I really want to thank Hugo Martinez (@hm_photography) for joining us on this crazy weekend. He took all these amazing photos!!! For those who don’t know him, Hugo and I met when I was running the Edible SLO Summer house. He’s passionate about life, tiny houses, photography, and so much more. Make sure you check him out! He’s coming back to Paso Robles!


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