Monday, April 6, 2020
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Home City Guide The Kin - Downtown SLO's Newest Coffee Bar

The Kin – Downtown SLO’s Newest Coffee Bar


Ray jump-starts every day with a latte (or two) while I love to have a cup of green tea, so of course, we were excited when we learned that Julian Contreras would be opening a coffee and matcha bar in downtown SLO. This seductive little spot is right on Higuera and Chorro and plans to expand well beyond tea and coffee, they have a full kitchen and will be serving simple food dishes made with quality ingredients and pouring carefully selected wines and beer.

We were lucky enough to be invited in for a sneak peek during their soft opening and were treated to an intimate date night experience through Project XO.

See photos below!

While searching for a name for this new cafe, Julien asked his older brother for a little help, he instantly chose the name “Kin.” Their mother always referred to them as kin, and since this cafe has a lot of history and heart put into it, it makes perfect sense. Designed to be a place of intimate and thought provoking conversations. It’s a place where you can meet like-minded people, or maybe not-so-like-minded and have interesting conversations about all parts of life.

Fun Facts:

  • Kin gets a limited amount of matcha from a source in Japan. To ensure the best quality the owner of the matcha farm requires Julien has to have a video chat every Friday to discuss the store, his matcha preparation, and more. This is to ensure quality and integrity to the art form of matcha.
  • Julien has worked in almost every coffee bar in SLO County and he competes in barista competitions around the area. Barista competitions have just recently allowed tea and liquor into the mix so we are looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. Want to watch a barista competition locally? Check out Sally Loo’s on September 7th. To learn more make sure you follow their Instagram (@kin.slo) and stay tuned for details.
  • Can’t have dairy? No problem! They carry oat milk imported from London and a pacific barista series almond milk.

Our Favorites!

So far we’re obsessed with The Amethyst (Lavender syrup, matcha and garnished with lavender buds), The Scarlett (Rose Syrup, Beet Elixir, and Matcha). Croissants are from Back Porch Bakery (so you know they are hella good). Also, love the Matcha Cupcake with Cappuccino filling by Buttercup Bakery.

The Kin will be having it’s Grand Opening this Saturday, August 17th from 6:30a to 7p and will be releasing a few more items on their menu. They will also be having raffles all day to win coffee and pastries. Check their IG stories for some giveaway details!

Because we love you all SLO much we will be giving away some gift cards on our Instagram and our Facebook so you can get a TASTE on us!


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