Megan’s Organic Market – San Luis Obispo’s First Dispensary

San Luis Obispo’s first dispensary is officially open. We paid a visit to Megan’s Organic Market aka MOM to see what it was all about.

The story of Megan’s Organic Market dates back in 2013 when owners Megan Souza and Eric Powers responded to the lack of verifiably organic medicine available to local medical cannabis patients. For 5 years, Megan’s Organic Market delivery service worked hard to improve the health of SLO County residents by providing safe and reliable access to quality organic medical cannabis. Megan’s Organic Market quickly became one of the most respected cannabis companies on the Central Coast using organic, sustainable agricultural practices that align with its core value of responsible stewardship.

Community involvement has been a central part of the company culture since its founding. From adopting a two-mile stretch of Highway 1 to sponsoring community workshops and blood drives, and even hosting a local radio show, Megan’s Organic Market has an exemplary track record of responsible community stewardship.


  • The store is run by 100% SLO County Residents and they look to make a positive economic impact on our community. They are committed to employing 100% SLO County residents and will give preferential hiring to SLO City residents with a minimum goal of 50% of all employees being residents of SLO City. These are well-paid jobs with an average pay rate for entry and mid-level positions of at least 40% more than the median local income for similar positions in similar businesses. They currently have a base of $3 above minimum wage.
  • They are committed to providing no less than $2,000 per month for community support: MOM’s charitable donations will benefit organizations including but not limited to ECOSLO, CAPSLO, Food Bank Coalition of SLO, SLO Parks and Recreation, Leadership SLO.

  • They are also providing no less than 40 hours per month of community support for programs that benefit the City of SLO and its residents. Community support activities will include but not be limited to: highway adoption and cleanups, participation in the Coastal Cleanup program, participation in SLO Stewards program participation in SLO’s Democracy Concierge Service program, and more.
  • In the spirit of conservation, water usage is limited to a single restroom and landscape irrigation. They will use their rainwater capture system for landscaping whenever possible to reduce the demand on the city water supply.
  • They are committed to environmental stewardship and climate action and they are actively undergoing certification by the CA Green Business Network. MOM’s proposed project is energy efficient and will achieve net-zero energy usage. Their commitment to energy efficiency includes the use of solar panels, LED lighting, electric HVAC units (no natural gas), on-site electric vehicle charging stations, and more.

280 Higuera St
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 592-1420

Open Daily 9a – 8p


Michelle B
Meet Michelle! Fellow foodie, owner of EnjoySLO and founder of At Her Table.

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