The Secret of Morro Bay – The Rock Graveyard

In 2018 an unknown artist decided to create a number of rock spires throughout the North Jetty at Morro Rock. Over the past two years, many others have added to the collection and you can now find them in abundance at Morro Rock’s base.

How to get there:
The location is at the base of Morro Rock. Set your GPS to Morro Bay State Park. You’ll find two parking areas. To your right, you’ll find an abundance of cars parked, these are locals who are going surfing. Park to the very left side and you’ll find a sign that says Morro Bay State Park and next to it the road is blocked. Park your car there and walk the dirt road. In less than a mile you’ll find The Rock Field / Rock Graveyard.

Watch our adventure HERE.

Best times to go:
Go any time of day when there is light! But the best times are at sunrise and sunset to enjoy the beautiful views. Sunrise if you want to avoid crowds.

What to bring:

  • Hat or Sunglasses – It can get quite bright.
  • Sunscreen
  • Walking shoes – The rock field obviously has rocks everywhere, it’s easy to trip and injure yourself if you decide to walk into it.
  • Dog bags if you bring your doggy – There aren’t any available there for the public. Dogs are to be leashed.
  • Blanket and small picnic – Just before the rock field you’ll see a sandbank with views of the bay. You can lay back and enjoy the views. Please clean up after yourselves!!! The only garbage can is at the path entrance where you parked.

For Families:
Watch the kids! The path going there is wide, spacious and flat but once you get to the rock field I would watch your very young ones. They can definitely trip and get hurt. You can however look at the rock field from the outskirts very easily and safely.

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