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National Donut Day 2019: Where to go in San Luis Obispo County


“Let’s be honest. You’re not going for a [donut] for sustenance. You’re going for a [donut] for the beauty of indulgence, for the spirit of just being free and being like, “I know this [donut] isn’t the thing that’s gonna round out my diet for the day, but it’s what’s gonna bring me joy and remind me that life’s too short to worry about how many [donuts] I ate today.” – Christina Tossi 

Happy National Donut Day everyone! Here are 6 locations to get your fix as San Luis Obispo County celebrates National Donut Day. Hope you are all ready for some sugary goodness! Check out new flavors, sweet deals, good causes and learn about the new…burrito donut. Yeah, you heard us right! Should it be called a Dough-brito or a Burri-dough? We’ll let you decide!

1.  SLODOCO – Donut FUN!

Image: SLO Do Co

It’s no doubt that SloDoCo is a staple of San Luis Obispo. They are amped for this years National Donut Day and will be having their infamous funfetti birthday cake donut available. This is the ONLY day of the year you can get one. Along with this special flavor, their will be XL donuts, cosmic brownie, s’mores cake, and more! They will also featuring the “Kitten Cake” charity donut for Woods Humane Society.

As always, Slodoco will be hosting giveaways all day! There will be merch, donuts, gift cards, and even donut pool floaties. Stop by the San Luis Obispo store for free swag for the kids! In Atascadero, there will be giant lawn games (giant jenga, giant connect four, corn hole, etc.). It’s definitely going to be a party!

2.  Twisted & Glazed –  An ALL DAY affair

Image: Twisted & Glazed

Hello North County SLO! Twisted & Glazed has donut events ALL DAY. Check out their schedule:

  • 8am – FREE dozen to first purchase after 8am!
  • 9am – Donut Selfie contest – Post on Twisted & Glazed’s Facebook or Instagram and tag them. One winner will win a free box of a DOZEN donuts at the end of the day!
  • 10am – Scavenger hunt #1 – A dozen of their donuts are hidden in one of their favorite places in Paso Robles.  Check their Instagram at 10 am tomorrow for clues.
  • 11am – First New EXCLUSIVE National Donut Day flavor release! Don’t miss it!
  • 12pm –  FREE lunch to first purchase at 12 noon!
  • 1pm – Scavenger hunt #2! There will be a hidden a gift card somewhere in the downtown park in Paso Robles it’s time to go find it.
  • 2pm – The Lucky Box – One of the dozen boxes will have a FREE DOZEN coupon inside purchased during this hour!!
  • 3pm – EXCLUSIVE National Donut Day Release #2
  • 4pm – EXCLUSIVE National Donut Day Release #3
  • 5pm – Whats Yo’ Flava? Contest – They will pick the most unique donut flavor idea to make and name it after YOU. The winner will also get that donut FREE anytime they come in the store and it will be featured!!! Check their Facebook at 4pm!
  • 6pm – Another lucky box of a dozen donuts will have a hidden Gift Certificate inside purchased during this hour!
  • 7pm – $5 donut ice cream sandwiches while supplies last! (Try out their amazing rolled gelato!)
  • 8pm – One person will be picked and will win a dozen donuts once a month for a whole YEAR!! (Enter in store. There will be a bucket out for entries all day!)

3.  Surfside Donuts – Come & Go! Go! Go!

Image: Surfside Donuts

Are you ready for the Super Bowl of Donuts?!! To celebrate their recent 10k followers and National Donut Day, Surfside Donuts will be hosting games and giveaways the entire time they are open. There will be an express checkout and 15% off every purchase of a dozen donuts! Come in if you are in a rush and skip the line. There is a donut for everyone! On top of all that they will be offering gluten free, vegan donuts! A portion of sales will be donated to the Salvation Army. Did I mention they also have a donut sandwich? That’s donut dedication right there for ya!

4. Templeton Donuts Plus – Paying It Forward With Donuts.

Image: Templeton Donuts Plus

Templeton Donuts Plus will be donating a portion of their donut sales to the Salvation Army! Fun fact: Did you know during WWI the Salvation Army Donut Lassies handed out these sweet treats to U.S. soldiers fighting on the front lines? Click HERE to learn more about their history. Talk about full circle!

5. Órale Taqueria  805 – Donut Burrito…Nuff said.

Image: Orale 805

At EnjoySLO we love to eat a lot and this is the first time we’ve ever heard of a donut burrito. For National Donut Day Órale Taqueria created a breakfast burrito stuffed with a donut. The burrito has scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes, choice of bacon, chorizo or al pastor, a glazed donut and a drizzle of sriracha.  $8.50 per burrito while supplies last! Would you try it?

6. Cool Cat Cafe SLO – Donut Burger – It’s BACK!

Image: SLO Do Co

Indulgence in one sinful serving, Cool Cat Cafe is bringing back their Donut Burger today and Saturday! Don’t miss your chance to take a bite before it disappears off their menu again!

Don’t forget to comment, follow and show some love to your favorite donut shops!

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