Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Piadina – Hotel San Luis Obispo


Working in downtown SLO it’s hard to miss the logo that looks like a smiley face staring at me as I make my way across Monterey Street. You can imagine how excited to see what was behind the “emoji” face in my mind.

Hotel San Luis Obispo is sleek and sexy, decorated in modern artistic glory. The perfect place to bring your clients and friends while you enjoy their open spaces. Outside you’ll find a small pool, lounge and a dining area. Inside a spacious lobby with a big beautiful bar.

The menu hasn’t been finalized yet when we went but here is a look at what we devoured last night with our group of four. We pretty much ordered the full menu. (*) For my favorites:

Truffle Fries $7 – Truffle oil, shaved parmesan, and rosemary. Honestly, this was the most basic of all the dishes. It was good but I am a firm believer in getting items in a restaurant you can’t get anywhere else. If you do get this dish, put some fresh ground pepper on it ad order their aioli on the side!

*Cauliflower Soup $8 – Sultana raisin, sage, toasted almond, port wine. This soup is made with LOVE! The consistency is a thick, creamy, rich, and filled with warm comfort. Flavors are well balanced. I definitely would come back for it if I wanted to enjoy a cold winter day to myself.

Tuna Carpaccio $15 – sliced yellowfin tuna, avocado, pickled jalapeno, ponzu – Delish! Fresh and beautiful. Solid dish.

*Bautista Farms Tomato Salad $9 – Sunbrite tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, watermelon, basil – I questioned this dish at first as I’m not a tomato fan. Tomatoes were juicy and delicious, not bland and flavorless. I would actually order it again.

Now, jumping into the mains:

Bucotini Terizzi $22 – prosciutto wrapped prawns, chili flake, tomato, pecorino. Good flavor if you are feeling pasta for the night.

Grilled Swordfish $28 – perfectly cooked with panseared gnocchi, picholine olive, roasted red peppers, zucchini.

*Roasted Chicken $24- brussels sprout, egg yolk ravioloi, pancetto, pickeled pearl onion. Honestly, I haven’t had many good chicken dishes in a long time which is why I never order them. Happy to say this one was PERFECTLY cooked. So moist and juicy.

Steak Piadina $38 – 21 day prime dry aged NY steak (8oz), asparagus, mbarble potato, chive creme fraiche, red wine sauce.

Of course…we can’t forget dessert:

Dessert was delish! Olive oil cake*, Tiramisu, and Chocolate Pudding. Honestly that on top of their amazing cocktails it was a great night and I went into food coma. Hotel SLO is now open and serving lunch and dinner. We are planning to stop by for lunch soon, so stay tuned if you want visuals on the lunch menu.


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