Rêves de Moutons

Discover a new and unique getaway in the heart of Paso Robles. There’s nothing quite like turning onto a dusty dirt road tucked away in the hills of wine country. That feeling of curiosity and adventure is one of the many things that inspired us to leave behind our friends and family and move to the central coast. Kristy and Evan, the owners of Rêves de Moutons, have created a place for you to stay that will make you feel inspired and at home.

Rêves de Moutons means, “Sheep Dreams” in French. Kristy & Evan packed up their life in San Diego and set off to build their dream – to have a farm, bed and breakfast, and cheese kitchen. Now their dreams are becoming their reality.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your GPS, about a mile up that dirt road you’ll find a wooden sign swinging with the breeze, inviting you to come in. Continue on and you’ll run into a quaint campground with 3 vintage-inspired RV trailers. Each of the three trailers has been personally decorated by Kristy; choose: Joy (Turquoise), Bliss (Red), or Harmony (Blue). Each one has it’s own unique personality and theme.

On arrival to our RV we found a greeting board personalized with our names, a very cute touch that shows how much Kristy and Evan care about their guests. Outside the RV there is an adorable patio table to enjoy time outside. Inside the RV you’ll find a dining table, mini fridge (with champagne, orange juice, water, eggs, and butter) sink, stove, coffee maker, martini shaker, plates and utensils, radio, towels, shower, and blow dryer. Basically everything you could possibly need to spend a long weekend away from the world.

In the center of all 3 RV’s is a large lounge area with a fire pit as well as a pergola with a long dining table, perfect for groups or hosting a small dinner. All around there are views of pastures roaming with farm animals and vineyards filled with rows of grapevines. Sit back and relax while you admire Paso Robles scenery after a long day of wine tasting.

After we settled into our RV we went up to their house and rang the cutest doorbell I’ve ever seen “Ring for Champagne!” And true to the doorbell, we were greeted with two glasses of champagne by Kristy & Evan! Their home, farm, and garden are just up the hill from where the RV’s are located, so you can reach them anytime you need, you might just want to sit up there and keep ringing that doorbell.

We spent a few hours walking around the farm, playing with goats, sheep, and of course their gorgeous dogs. The best part of visiting Evan and Kristy was just hanging out at the hilltop lounge talking about their upcoming plans for expansion and learning their story.

Unlike a standard hotel, you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy life on a farm if you choose. Feel free to volunteer to feed the sheep and goats, collect eggs, or just watch from a distance. How hands-on you and your partners get is entirely up to you. Of course, we dove right in, carrying baby sheep from one pen to the next, feeding all of the animals, and of course “helping” their herding dog move all the sheep around.

Whether you’re looking for a weekend away from the distractions of life or a beautiful place to put up your in-laws for the weekend, Rêves de Moutons should be the first place you look for availability. Currently, a stay in one of their RV’s is $119 a night, or rent out all three (enough room for 6 adults) for $349 a night directly through there website.

Best times to go: Spring when Paso Robles is full of greenery and the baby sheep start to make their appearance. Summers in Paso are hot but the RVs are equipped with A/C. Fall if you are looking for cooler weather and want to celebrate harvest!

Website : RevesDeMoutons.com
Phone : 805-369-1171
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/revesdemouton/
Instgram : @revesdemoutons

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