Festival Tips for Shabang With Your Festie Besties!

On May 4th Shabang celebrates another year gathering at Laguna Lake in San Luis Obispo. As the years have gone by Shabang’s audience continues to grow and this year is expected to draw over 5,000 festival goers.  For a handful this will be their first time attending! Is this your first Shabang festival? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered and have tips from the best festival goers we know: Troy Phonsavath from Troy P Yoga, Kayln Armstrong, Raymond Stone from RaveReady.com and Tucker Gumber from TheFestivalGuy.com. If you see them in the future, make sure you give them a high five for their awesomeness!

Troy Phonsavath:

“Festivals are radically fun and full of diverse experiences in such a short amount of time! However, they provide very little protection from the weather. During a long day dancing outside with your friends, dehydration, heat, cold, wind could get the best of you and you won’t realize until you get home! Most of us are not conditioned for this type of weather in one day so dress in layers. The first layer being sun protection like sunscreen and sunglasses. After that style is as important as protection so get creative! Fake fur coats, puffy jackets or even a poncho can be your best friend at sunset.”

Kayln Armstrong:

“Bring a jacket for night time because it cools down really quick! Have a cute festival blanket to sit on so you’re not sitting on the grass (To my grass-allergic friends). Make sure to bring some cash for the food trucks!!! Lastly, sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! (If you’re going in the daytime)”


Raymond Stone:

“Vitamin B1 Patches – My favorite going out essential are vitamin B1 patches, I always have a few in my pocket. They help your body recover after a hard night of dancing and make you basically hangover proof.”

“When you first get to the festival pick a meeting spot in case you lose your friends. If you get separated from one another meet at the next full hour mark – so if you realize you’ve lost one another at 6:15, meet at your spot at 7. Use this alone time to absorb the awesomeness around you and to meet new people.”

Tucker Gumber:

“If you do lose your friends and you forgot to set a meeting point or make a totem you need to make the decision that you will run into them if you are supposed to. Instead of walking around all day trying to find them, go watch amazing music and enjoy the day instead. There are good chances that your friends will be them at one of these stages because they probably have the same music taste. This is also a good way to make friends.”

“Each time you pick up a piece of trash, others will see you do and be reminded that we all make a difference. You will personally be making the festival cleaner and inspiring others to do the same.”


We hope you all have an amazing time at Shabang! To celebrate we will be having one last giveaway next week for: 2 tickets to Shabang, 2 hydration packs from Vibedration and 4 B1 Patches! Follow @EnjoySLO on Instagram for all the details next week! Also make sure to get your tickets early at www.shabangslo.com!

Looking for more festival tips and want to learn how to make festivals the best they can be for yourself and your friends?

Make sure you check out: TheFestivalGuy.com or purchase his book “The FestivalGoer’s Guide: Your Guide To Festivaling Like A Pro”on Amazon.

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