SLO County Farm Trail’s “Berries, Jams, & Pies! Oh My!” Workshop!

This past weekend we had the pleasure of visiting the SLO County Farm Trail for their “Berries, Jams, and Pies! Oh My” workshop at Talley Farm’s Fresh Harvest in Arroyo Grande! The SLO County Farm Trail launched in February this year and consists of nine locations and over twelve partners. They host a variety of workshops that offer unique and fun experiences for all to enjoy, no matter what the age. The best part is that they are supporting our local producers, craftsman, and farmers.

FarmsteadED's Berries, Jams and Pies Workshop
Locals enjoying a jam workshop at Talley Farms

Let us walk you through the “Berries, Jams, and Pies! Oh My!” Workshop!

Talley Farms in Arroyo Grande
Talley Farms Fresh Harvest Tour

Upon arrival at the farm, we were given a tour by their manager, Andrea Shapiro Chavez. We learned about their history, farming methods, the importance of purchasing locally, and we even had a chance to pick some local produce for ourselves.

The jam making portion was led by Barbara Hartley of Hartley Farms. She provided the class with a cooking demo. Guests were divided into small groups of 3-4 people and given their own work stations so everyone could take a fresh fruit jar of jam. Lynette Sonne, the owner of FarmsteadED, then went on to teach a session on how to use the jams to make a homemade tart & pie! All recipes were included in a cute leather tied packet!

To end the workshop, we indulged in a special catered lunch by Wayward Bread Co. of Los Osos. Everyone was given a choice of bacon, chicken, or ham sandwiches. For dessert a beautiful and decadent slice of strawberry cream pie with a glass of red or white wine from Talley Vineyards. Everyone left full and happy.

Overall it was a great experience! We enjoyed a full day of education, great eats, and new friendships. So, if you love agri-CULTURE as much as we do, make sure you support the SLO County Farm Trail and check for their next upcoming event.

Andrea of Talley Farms
Andrea of Talley Farms
Michelle B
Meet Michelle! Fellow foodie, owner of EnjoySLO and founder of At Her Table.

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