Central Coast Mukbang – Panda Express Family Meal!

Being at home due to the pandemic has forced all of us to become creative in some ways. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Is there a hobby you wanted to pick up? Maybe you have a goal you want to accomplish? Or you wanted to learn something new. Well, now is the time to do that.

One of the things I’ve always been dreaming of is creating a Mukbang. A Mukbang is an online fad that came from Korea. It’s two words put together. Muk comes from “muk-ja” which means “Eating” and bang comes from “bang-song” for “broadcast.” Mukbang translates to an “eating broadcast”

Ray and I have always been heavy into the food culture since we met. We’ve traveled the world for food and go to some of the most unique and insane restaurants we can find. This seemed like a perfect project for us to take up. So join us for our first mukbang! Not sure if anyone has done one yet on the central coast but…it’s time!

Our first Mukbang is a $20 Family Meal from Panda Express. The deal is only available through online orders and the offer has been extended to May 26, 2020. $20 Panda Family Meal includes 2 large sides and 3 large entrees.  Frontline workers also get 10% off their orders all year long! We also have a Panda Express recipe for you at the end of this post in case you can’t finish that family meal lol!

So without further adieu…here is our mukbang! Now you can eat with us from afar!

We learned with this first recording you have to be really fluid and vulnerable. I mean …you’re watching us eat in the privacy of our home. That’s an intimate kind of thing…I mean people only eat with their friends and family right? To us, you are part of our central coast family and we are looking forward to eating our way through the central coast! Make sure you subscribe if you’re into it!

Make sure you follow Panda Express! They email great deals and have fun recipes to share! Just like this one above! Click here to learn how to make their Original Orange Chicken Burrito!

Did you get your hands on the Panda Express Family Meal Deal?
Let us know if you enjoyed it by commenting below!

Michelle Bhttps://www.enjoyslo.com/
Meet Michelle! Fellow foodie, owner of EnjoySLO and founder of At Her Table.

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