Friday, July 30, 2021

A Message From Spain to SLO County

“A Life Worth Living” by Belén Navarro

I live in Madrid, Spain and as you may know,we are in complete lockdown unable to get out of our house not even to go for a little walk. We are staying home for the sake of everyone and in hopes that this way we will contain the virus. The situation is meant to be like this for at least 15 days but it’s likely that it will go on for longer. As you can imagine and many of you may be already experiencing staying home for such a long period of time is not something any of us looked forward to.

As weird as it may sound I’m finding this crisis to be completely enlightening and to me it seems like the universe or God or whoever is up there has put it here for a reason. We live such fast-paced lives that we have forgotten about the things that truly matter, we have forgotten to live the True Human Experience and we have forgotten the reason we are all here for.

We often go about life unaware that we are living, we work on autopilot and we don’t dare to stop and take control just in case we might catch glimpse of something we don’t like. Since we are unable to willingly stop the universe has done it for us, it has pulled the breaks on us and it has made us find stillness within the space of our homes our sanctuaries.

It’s only been a couple of days but instead of finding people going mad because of the lockdown I’m seeing pure magic show up.

  • As parents we are spending time with our kids, time for real, caring, sharing experiences, giving their full attention to one another
  • As couples we are having real conversations about how we are doing, where we want to go, we are learning to enjoy simple daily activities that usually are cause for arguments such as setting the table, preparing dinner or showing appreciation
  • We are serving our grandparents as they have served us many times before, young people are offering their services to go grocery shopping or to care for them as the elderly are the most vulnerable of groups
  • Adolescents being forced to stay home for so long are willing to put the phone down and open up to their families
  • As neighbors we are coming together to the windows to talk to one another, to let the sun in and share a beer in the distance
  • As a community, we are putting our differences aside and we are embracing the tremendous effort the medical stuff is doing in this time of need
  • As a country, we are willing to putting our fellow citizens above our own personal desires and needs
  • As individuals, we are finding comfort in being part of something greater than us
  • As human beings, we are having our faith restored

Having this time be an illness or a miracle is up to each and every one of us. It’s a choice we actively make, here are some things to reflect and act on to make coronavirus a miracle and a turning point in your life:

Self Reflect

Use this time at home to really explore your thoughts and feelings Are you happy with the life you are leading? Are you happy with the person you are? Do you like how you treat others? Do you like how you treat yourself?


Be open with your family and/or your partner. Share what you are feeling, be vulnerable, ask questions, get intimate. Create a space to have deep conversations to really see each other and to rediscover one another. It’s not like that you get to spend so much time alone together again, use it wisely and appreciate it. When was the last time you we curious about them? When was the last time you discover something new about your partner? Can you fall in love again in 15 days? Can you put your family before work?

Be Grateful

For the home you get to live in, for the people you share it with, for the food in your plate, for the doctors, nurses and stuff fighting this virus, for the country you live in, for the opportunities to grow, for peace, for light.


Do something for the sake of enjoying the process not because it is something to check off your list or because it serves a purpose. Make art, make a wonderful meal, make love, make a movie, take pictures, make a mess, make up stories, makeup with someone, just make.


Everyone is worried about the future but worrying gets you nowhere, investing will. The only way to get closer to the future you want is to take action. Think of what you need, believe in your idea and put your money where your heart is. Invest in your personal development, in your growth, in your business, in your brand, in people you believe in. It’s the perfect time to make a plan and to plant the seed of the future you want for yourself. If you don’t like something, stop doing it and change it. It’s in you.

I’m personally using this time to connect with others, to grow personally and emotionally, to appreciate and strengthen my relationship, to make turn weaknesses into strengths, to become a better human being.

I’m spending quality time with my family, today we’ve played ping-pong and we’ve talked for hours in our garden. I’ve hired a coach and I’m actively investing in my business and in my future.

I’m helping my peculiar clients to create wonderful brands so they can make a difference in the world. I’m connecting with incredible people and teaching them how to share their stories and live their truths. I am making magic within four wall and I couldn’t be any more grateful for this time.

This is what I’m choosing. What are you choosing? Let me know in the comments below how you are dealing with this situation and if you have found this post helpful. We are here to support each other so I’m happy to answer any questions. Lots of light to you all!

Article by: Belén Navarro


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