Monday, April 19, 2021
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Hello everyone!

We have a mini announcement. We are holding off on our weekly things to do at this time due to the pandemic. There have been a handful of events and we are having difficulty coming up with a long list for you. We also don’t want to send out emails that we ourselves would not want to get. It’s not necessarily a bad thing! This is the current situation happening in SLO and we will continue to roll with it.

It’s important for us to support our small businesses who are prioritizing the safety of this community first.

You CAN check our event calendar though! We are keeping that updated weekly! We are also still very active on our Instagram!

During this period of adjustment for the county, we are focusing on projects that will help our community succeed. Feel free to email us with recommendations! We are always listening and we would like to create content that is helpful and fun!

– Michelle & Ray


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