What’s Good At Goshi? – 3 Dishes You Need To Try

Article written by: Andrew Blevins and Kara Stewart (Great Flavors), Michelle Barrera (EnjoySLO)

Feeling sushi? Look no further! It’s time to take a trip to Goshi, located in the heart of downtown SLO’s Creamery Marketplace, on Higuera. Make sure to get there early or make reservations in advance, this place fills up quickly despite having a second floor and recent expansion of their space. Don’t dismay if you walk-in and find a line. You’ll find small businesses and restaurants throughout the plaza. You can also go to one of the nearby restaurants for a quick happy hour drink or grab gourmet ice cream at Nite Creamery (If you’re a “dessert first” kind of person).

After hearing so many great reviews about Goshi we teamed up with Great Flavors to write about our food adventure together. So what happens when you gather four foodies together at a table? You get to taste A LOT of food all at once! All four of us ordered something different and wanted to share our favorite things with you!

1) The Sukiyaki – Ordered by Andrew – Described by Michelle & Andrew

Photo: Goshi SLO

The Sukiyaki is filled with tender flavorful beef and vegetables that you can pour over rice….which I highly recommend you do because the broth from the Sukiyaki is deliciously unique with a silky rich buttery flavor. You gotta sop it all up!  It’s a meal with a literal iron cast pot that combines beef, tofu, yam noodles, and a delicious soy-based sauce. The perfect dish for the upcoming cold winter nights in SLO.

2) Albacore Tataki & Teriyaki Chicken – Ordered and described by Kara

If you have to avoid gluten, you’ve found your Japanese restaurant. Just let your server know your food allergies and they will walk you through options and the chefs will omit the usual sauces and substitute gluten-free options. They also offer gluten-free tataki sauce, as well as tamari (gluten-free soy sauce).

I ordered the Albacore Tataki and Teriyaki Chicken. Tataki is a method of cooking that quickly sears the fish (or meat) over high heat, leaving the center nicely rare. Then it’s sliced thinly and topped with a citrus-ginger sauce. Truly an amazing combination. Alongside was a tender cut of grilled chicken with optional teriyaki sauce.

3) The Garlic Chip Albacore Roll – Ordered and described Michelle & Ray

Photo: Goshi SLO

We also ordered A LOT of sushi. If you are looking for something that stands out and enjoy spice definitely order the Garlic Chip Albacore Roll. Enjoy fresh albacore topped with smelt egg, green onion, spicy sauce, Sriracha and perfectly crisped garlic chips. Taste the sweet, spicy, umami flavors all in one bite. With all the different textures it’s just a party in your mouth!


Photo: Goshi SLO
  • The Curry Bowl – Michelle – For those who want to eat more, less or have a budget
    • Have a friend who’s eating light? Or perhaps someone who gets extra hungry? Add on their chicken curry bowl for just $5 a small meal in itself! The bowl is about a cup of rice topped with Japanese chicken curry. It was pretty filling and I couldn’t finish it but then again I gorged myself on sushi.
  •  SakeAndrew & Kara –  Fine Japanese dining deserves a fine Sake to enjoy along with dinner. If you like Sake, be sure to check their list of options. There are many good ones to choose from, and a great accompaniment to their delicious Japanese cuisine. Get Great Flavors personal favorite the Onigoroshi (Demon Slayer)

We can’t wait to go back and order these items again! Thank you to Kara & Andrew for such a fun filled evening and for recommending this amazing restaurant to us!

Have you tried any of these dishes or have a different favorite? Comment below and share!

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