How it started...

EnjoySLO was founded in 2018. After falling in love with the central coast, my husband and I decided to spontaneously move from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo. During our first few months, we met tons of people and asked for their help on our quest to find the best places to visit and the best local things to do. Unfortunately, there was a big problem…a lot of people we talked to didn’t know what was happening around them. Finding fun events and places involved searching through Facebook or learning through word of mouth. So at this point, we knew we had to create a better and easier experience for our friends and neighbors. We decided we wanted to build a website to showcase all the amazing events and locations that San Luis Obispo County had to offer.

Our curated event calendar is a personal endeavor to promote fun and interesting events for locals and visitors.  Whether you want to attend a music festival with friends, enjoy a wine festival in Paso Robles, or a food festival at Pismo Beach, we want to get everyone excited about life on the central coast. Our goal is to promote new and ongoing SLO events because we believe we should all EnjoySLO…together!

"Wherever your heart is, that is where you will find your treasure.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

At EnjoySLO, our goal is to help you discover and connect with this amazing community while having fun! Follow us on our social media accounts so we can get to know you and connect!

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Michelle & Raymond

Michelle is the owner of EnjoySLO & Founder of At Her Table. Raymond can be found at L'Aventure Winery in Paso Robles working in the tasting room and production.

@EnjoySLO Inspiring you to #EnjoySLO & beyond!