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Have you ever missed out an awesome event because you didn’t hear about it? Have you attended an event and can’t believe your community doesn’t know about it? Well, we share your feelings and we want to change that for all of SLO. At EnjoySLO we work every day to keep everyone updated about the best things to do and the best upcoming events in San Luis Obispo County!

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 Here are some tips on event submission:

  1. Try to submit events as early as possible so everyone can mark their calendars! No one wants to miss out on a good time!
  2. Try to submit a high resolution image – this is not a requirement but it helps us promote your event.
  3. Give us details – We are easy going!  The more details the better! If you have a recurring event just leave us a note in the “Additional Info” and give us the frequency and length of the time the event will be occurring. If there are just minor changes, let us know.
  4. Review the information before you click submit.
  5. Please allow 2-7 business days for approval.

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